Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hard to Believe . . .

That my March blog "get in shape" challenge is almost over. I am so tired. This has been one crazy month! However, it is nice to see how often staying active is a normal part of my routine, even when it's not scheduled in the form of traditional exercise. I had a lot of that going on in this past week.
Here's my recap:
Day 21 - I did 45 minutes of strength training here at home.
Day 22 - I took a 10-minute walk with my dog, and then, on the spur of the moment, decided to hop on the bike I got last August for my birthday and ride around my neighborhood after lunch. Not only was it a great way to burn calories, it was also relaxing to be out in the sunshine, even if I did work some muscles in my legs that needed to be worked. The hill coming up my street gave me a nice burn.
Day 23 - I did 45 minutes of strength training at home and then took a 20-minute walk with my kids and the dog after they came home from school.
Day 24 - I had honestly intended for this to be a day off from working out. But I signed up to work at a consignment sale at my church on this day, and for two hours in the morning, I actually ended up running sale items to their designated locations (all over the church) with pretty much no stopping. I'd say I burned a few calories that day.
Day 25 - I did a take a true day off, but I played Wii Sports with my son in the afternoon, which was a fun way to get moving around. Tennis rocks.
Day 26 - I did 45-minutes of strength training here at home.
Day 27 - I also took another day off from the gym, but we ended up going to an outlet mall this afternoon and two hours of walking later, I certainly don't feel like I took a day off!

P.S. The photo above is from a camping trip we took at the Virginia Creeper Trail last June, where I reconnected with my love of biking. That bike was a rental, but my kids hounded my husband to get me a bike of my very own just a few months later. It's pink and beautiful. I love taking it out for a spin.

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