Monday, March 21, 2011

Almost There!

Thursday of last week (Day 17) I broke up my exercise into different segments. I took my usual walk around our block with the dog, lifted weights while catching up on one of my beloved crime shows for 30 minutes, and later went for a 30-minute walk after dinner. Whew! Friday (Day 18), I joined a friend and we hit the exercise bike for 30 minutes, then hopped on treadmills for 30 more minutes of rigorous cardio (I even jogged for more than half a mile)! I took a much needed rest on Saturday (Day 19). Yesterday, I started to head to the gym, but my husband started cleaning the house and my conscience wouldn't let him tackle this beast alone. I knew I could burn some calories vacuuming and cleaning the bathrooms for an hour, so I counted that as my workout, plus one walk with the dog. Later, we even strolled around Lowe's to get ideas for spring planting/painting/redecorating ideas for an hour. I was tired last night!

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Mary Aalgaard said...

Good for you! I always feel like I burn lots of calories cleaning. I can work up a sweat. Plus, you had a nice walk. Sounds like win-win.