Sunday, March 6, 2011

Days 4, 5 and 6

No, I didn't fall off the physical challenge wagon, although I have been mysteriously absent from the blog this weekend. It's just been a very busy last few days!
Anyway, Day 4, Friday, just flat out sucked. I was busy trying to finish up a few deadlines, had a performance at my daughter's school to attend, carpool duties, and my son was with me all day. Besides finally venturing out to take the dog for a 15-minute walk around 5:30 p.m., the extent of my physical activity that day was typing on the computer. I don't quite think that counts. And boy, you could tell I had a sedentary day! I was grouchy, crabby and depressed. And I craved carbs.
Saturday, Day 5, I went to the gym with my family and had a much-needed 60-minute workout. The kids had fun at Childwatch, and the husband and I lifted weights. All before 11 a.m. I felt great the rest of the day.
Today, Day 6, consisted of a different sort of workout. We have an extremely busy week planned around here, including me working as a substitute at my son's preschool three days this week, so I wanted to make sure the house was in good working order before tomorrow. I spent a good two hours scrubbing toilets, sweeping, mopping and dusting. I'll count that as today's calories burned.
So to recap, I met my goal of getting at least 45 minutes of physical activity a day, five days a week. I'm betting it will be a little tougher to accomplish this week, but we'll see how it goes!

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