Friday, June 20, 2008

Exciting Times

I've spent the past few weeks trying to meet deadlines and taking on a rush job for a local business publication. I love the prospect of a new client, but I don't love how long it is taking for people to call me back. The clock is ticking and it looks like I'll be working at the eleventh hour to complete it . . . always fun.

One of my favorite Web sites, Freelance Writing Jobs, has decided to hold a contest modeled after "American Idol" to fill two new blogger positions. I went back and forth trying to decide if I should publicly submit my credentials for voting, and finally did. This paying position will require two blog posts per week on a writing specialty or niche. Visitors to the site voted on who the top twelve contestants should be, and I was disappointed not to get any votes. However, the two lovely ladies who run the site decided to make me the 13th "wild card" contestant. Yea me! From here on all contestants will submit posts anonymously for people to vote on. Wish me luck!

I've lost over ten pounds since I began eating better, strength training and running in April. I'm running my second 5K this weekend and am hoping to fly this time. I'm a few pounds lighter than my last race so maybe that will work in my favor.

Many thanks to my wonderful husband this week who has taken time off from work to help me juggle the kids, doctor's appointments and deadlines! Back to work now . . .

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Random E-mails and a Proposition

I don't get too many spam or strange e-mails, but a bizare one landed in my inbox the other day. It went something like this:

Hey There,

I am friends with Robby Blinder. He asked me to try and find an old friend of his named Renee Roberson. He told me she would be hard to find but to try Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

I googled that name and you came up??? He said that she would be around 35-40 years old. LOL!!! ARE YOU HER? If so, please write back. Also, if you are not can you help me? Here in the United States I would just look under the white pages, but I am not sure how  Australia does it . . . Heck are you even from Australia?

LOL!!! If your not her I am sorry about this . . .


Brian Rodrick
Phone number, state of residence

Hmm, rather bizarre, if you ask me. My first though was why this Robby person (names have been slightly changed, by the way) can't investigate this woman himself. Where is he exactly, and I'm assuming he doesn't have access to a computer? Anyway, I shot a quick e-mail back to this Brian character . . .

Sorry, I think you've got the wrong gal. I've never been to Australia and I'm from the States too. Best of luck with your search!

Renee Roberson

I thought dude would let it go, but alas, no.

Thanks for the reply. He said he met this girl in Bali, Indonesia . . . not you, huh?? Dang! 
Well, thank you for writing back.


Nope, definitely not me. Roberson is my married name, anyway.
Renee Roberson

Dang, so your married? That was the next thing I was going to do, start hitting on you.
But okay, LOL!!! I will leave you alone.

Thanks again, 

Okay. Interesting. Hopefully my husband won't read this post:) I never thought having my e-mail address published online would attract these sorts of people, but whatever. Maybe I have, perhaps, finally arrived.

Testimonials, anyone?

I've  been working on updating the Web site for my business, and hope to continue tweaking it here and there in the next few days. I added a new page for "testimonials," as I always enjoy reading these on other writer sites. I'm shamelessly asking for your help in this. If you are a reader of one of my blogs, an editor, expert, or public relations professional I've worked with in the past, I'd love a testimonial from you to include on the new page. It doesn't have to be long, just a few sentences on what it is like to work with me or why you like to read my work. It would be greatly appreciated! You can shoot me an e-mail at Renee(AT)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

When You're The Only Employee . . .

Well, I think I know now why I feel so overwhelmed most of the time. I recently sat down and broke down all the individual tasks involved with being a freelance writer. When I first started sending out queries a few years ago I never dreamed things would get this involved. It was definitely eye-opening, and a little scary to say the least. My desk is a mess right now, and at the bottom of it is my list. My goal in the next week is to set up some sort of organizational plan, even if it means outsourcing a few things. Here is what I've come up with that I have to set up a system for:

  • Manage e-mail (I am horrible at this)
  • Setting up phone and e-mail interviews
  • Writing articles/following up with sources
  • Read favorite blogs and e-zines
  • Update my blogs
  • Update website
  • Prospecting/self-promtion/marketing
  • Work on national magazine queries
  • Administrative (filing expenses, mileage, invoicing, back-up files)
My fellow writers, how do you handle your day-to-day tasks without allowing them all to suck the creativity out of you? I'd really love to hear some of your tips!