Sunday, May 17, 2009

It's All Within My Reach

Just a few years ago I was sitting at home with my baby girl, dreaming of becoming a freelance writer but with no clue on how to start. I read all the "must-have" books on how to earn money by writing and could read more if I didn't now having paying assignments and a part-time job in the industry to try and keep up with. But there is still one non-fiction title I have yet to see on the shelves, and I've decided to bite the bullet (pun intended here) and start working on a proposal. I found a copy of Bulletproof Book Proposals at my local library and it's full of practical, tangible, step-by-step directions on how to land your idea directly into the hands of a literary agent. And, it has 12-real-life proposals that were actually accepted, which are great examples. So, hopefully I can complete this project and hope no other writer out there has a deal in the making. But time will only tell. I have to give it a shot, right?

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