Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Back to School for Writers and Other (Hopefully!) Helpful Blog Posts

My kids started back to school this week so I've been working hard to get things checked off my writing/editing to-do list and clear the pile of paperwork on my desk. Speaking of my desk, I recently repainted my office a much lighter, more cheerful shade, and it's hard to believe how much more time I've been spending in here since then! The old color was an earthy olive, and while it was nice and very traditional, it didn't make for the most inviting writing space, especially at night with no overhead lighting. Oh, and on a whim, I picked up one of those cool wall decals from Target for a little pop of inspiration (see photos above).

In lieu of a regular post, I wanted to share some of my guest posts from WOW Women on Writing's Muffin blog, including one I wrote last year around this time:

As the mother of two children in elementary school, the past few weeks have been a little crazy with back-to-school clothes shopping, purchasing and sorting school supplies and meeting with our new teachers to discuss expectations for their learning this year. Read the rest here.

Other recent posts:

Did you travel anywhere fun this summer? Find out how I make the most of my vacations by turning trips into article queries and assignments.

Remember that Facebook game "25 Things You Don't Know About Me?" I broke it down into ten things for fun.

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Unknown said...

Rene, I found you on the WOW blog and tried to follow your Author's blog, but my wordpress reader was not able to find a "feed" for it. I am pretty dense about computer stuff, so I am not sure if the problem is on your end or mine. I will follow this blog, though.