Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Introducing My Writing Space

It's actually more like a haven. This used to be a formal living room in our house that didn't have any french doors closing it off. I always envisioned turning it into our home office, but about six months ago I began imagining it as a writing study. After I started bringing in more work consistently, my dream was realized. My husband did some framing and drywalling, we had the doors hung and painted, we ordered the furniture, painted the room, and voila! Here you have it!

I think it's so important for writers (published or not) to have their own writing space. It doesn't have to be a home office, per se, but these days it's easy to be creative. You can work virtually from a coffee shop (free WiFi is always a necessity for me -- I promise I'll make up for it with the amount of coffee I consume) and I've also seen neat spaces that take up half a guest bedroom or a set-up in a butler's pantry. Whatever the case, I didn't feel like I was taken seriously until I had a honest to goodness desk that was all mine. It may sound silly, but that's me. I took these photos because I had just cleaned off my desk and moved the toys that had mysteriously appeared in front of my desk out of the room. I don't know when it will look this clean again anytime soon and I had to record the moment for posterity!


Amanda Nicole said...

I covet those French doors!

We're just moving into a new apartment and my guy gets dibs on the den (he's a full-time webmaster), which I don't mind because his desk gets ridiculously messy and it'll be great to have it out of sight, out of mind.

But I've made a point of carving out a space for myself and my laptop tucked up against the corner window. There's really nothing like breathing those first sighs of relief when you sit down at your own space!

Renee Roberson said...

Yeah, well, I accidentally ripped one of the door knobs off those lovely French doors last night. I guess that's what I get for banishing the family dog to the office while the kids at dinner. Now hubby has the wonderful job of fixing it this weekend. I should post a picture of that!