Monday, April 4, 2016

It's Time! Gearing Up to Revise My Contemporary YA/Suspense Novel

A few years ago (yes, I'm cringing as I write this) I completed a draft of a YA novel during National Novel Writing Month. The characters and storyline have stayed with me, nagging me when I'm in the shower or out for a walk--you know, the usual. Last month I decided to come up with an action plan and laid out the steps I would need to complete the revisions before passing on the manuscript to beta readers. I wrote about this plan over at WOW! Women on Writing, and it's been making the rounds on Twitter in the past few weeks. I broke the project down to eight weeks, and mixed in fun exercises that would help me dig deeper to the character and plot development and make the project a little more fun. For Week One, one of my exercises was to create a playlist to go along with the novel. I like doing this so I can listen to the songs while I'm writing for inspiration.

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Synopsis of the Novel: Cassidy has never forgiven herself for breaking up with her first love, Luke. She's tried everything in her power to get him back, but he's not budging. When the hottest guy in her class starts paying attention to her and asks her to the Homecoming dance, her vulnerability causes her to accept the invitation. But on the night of the dance she realizes Dylan is not who he appears to be, and her rejection leads him to focus on making her life a living hell by stalking her day and night and turning all her friends against her at the same time. She reaches out once again to Luke--who is also Dylan's former best friend-- --but will he be able to help her in time when he has a secret of his own he's trying to keep?

 Sweet Disposition - The Temper Trap
I Don't Wanna Break - Christina Perri
Stolen - Dashboard Confessional
Kiss You - One Direction T
rouble Me - 10,000 Maniacs
Make it Without You - Andrew Belle
Tear in Your Hand - Tori Amos
Every Breath You Take - Sting
Ain't Gonna Lose You - Brett Dennen
 Can't Stop - OneRepublic
Wherever You Will Go - Charlene Soraia
Fun and Games - The Connells
Birthday Wish - Greg Laswell
Don't Panic - Coldplay
Look After You - The Fray
This is War - Ingrid Michaelson
Lost and Found - Katie Herzig
Breathe in Breathe Out - Matt Kearney
This Love - Taylor Swift

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