Monday, March 9, 2015

Benefits of Guest Blogging

Settle in at your favorite coffee shop and start writing!
A few weeks ago, I wrote a post at WOW! Women on Writing about guest blogging to grow your platform. I was researching some blogs for an author I was helping and came across so many opportunities I'm sure many writers don't know about. The majority of the time, guest blogging doesn't pay, but it does give you the chance to submit a bio where you can promote your writing, books, or products and services you offer. Plus, it's a great networking tool! Be sure to study all guidelines carefully as they vary in the types of topics they are seeking and word counts.

Check out the original post for five places you can submit guest posts, and I've included a few more below.

Writers on the Move
Karen Cioffi welcomes articles on the topics of writing, author interviews, and book reviews. Posts should be 350-600 words, and Writers on the Move does not accept reprints.

Memoir Writer's Journey
Author and blogger Kathy Blogger accepts guest posts on a variety of writing topics. She says she likes "to think of her blog as a kitchen table and the weekly posts as invitations to to join the conversation around the table." Posts can range from 500-1,000 words.

Women's Writing Circle
Susan Weidener accepts essays of 900 words or less. She prefers essays on the topics of memoir, fiction, poetry, writing techniques and tips, social media challenges and benefits, etc.

Have you had experiences guest blogging to grow your platform? If so, feel free to tell us where and share a link!

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