Monday, September 8, 2014

New Business Cards!

I have a confession to make. I've been using the same business card since I started up my freelance writing business about seven or eight years ago. At the time, I used a simple design that featured the same color and font style as my website. It had earthy tones and included my name, e-mail, phone numbers and website. I still have almost a whole box of them because, let's face it, I just don't pass out business cards as much as I should. A lot of times I just use the signature in my e-mail in lieu of an actual card, and I don't follow up with clients by sending them an actual card. (Shame on me!)

Last year, when I attended the SCBWI Carolinas annual writing conference in Charlotte, I exchanged business cards with a few writers and illustrators I met there. When I pulled out my trusty old card, I was embarrassed. I hadn't even thought about ordering new cards before the conference. But when I saw the fun, fresh and colorful designs the other attendees were using, I felt a little silly. What did my card say about me? It said I was boring. It said I didn't have enough confidence in myself to add a little flair to my card.

So a few weeks ago, I contacted a local friend, Jeanette Charlet of Jeanette Charlet Photography, who's also a fabulous photographer. Even though I feel incredibly awkward having my photo taken, she took the time to get tons of fabulous shots I can now use for my website and a great new card, which I'll be proud to take to this year's SCBWI Conference on Sept. 19. These are just a few great shots she captured:

And who knows? Maybe I'll enjoy this card so much that I'll pass it out to more people, and bring in some new assignments!

Signature Business Cards by Vistaprint

Now about the card. I struggled with what title to put as my occupation. My old card read "freelance writer." I have another business card for my contract job as a magazine editor. My husband suggested "professional writer," and I scoffed. That's fine and everything, but I don't want to feel like I have to tell people that I am a professional. Part of me wanted to put "Contemporary Middle Grade and Young Adult Author," but since I have yet to publish any of my books, I didn't feel confident enough to do that. I finally settled on "Writer," and hope that will cover my freelance magazine writing, blogging and fiction writing, no matter what the future holds for me.

Do you have a business card? What does it have on it? Did you struggle with images and your title?

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