Wednesday, May 29, 2013

So a Mom Walked Into This Blow-Dry Bar . . .

A few months ago I had the pleasure of meeting author and syndicated humor columnist Tracy Beckerman via social media. Oh, social media, how would I meet people in my field otherwise? That's a whole other story. Anyway, I was thrilled when I received an invitation in my inbox to Tracy's launch party for her "momoir" Lost in Suburbia. Yes, thanks to the fabulous reputation of Charlotte area writers and bloggers, we made the short list of six cities on her book tour!

However, I was a little confused when I saw the location was at a place called The Blo Out on Sharon Road. What exactly was a "blow out?" I thought to myself. I figured the location was some sort of salon or spa and intrigued by the thought of meeting Tracy in person and learning more about her book, I RSVPd.

Then, interestingly enough, in keeping with the theme of Tracy's book, I had to make my way out of suburbia in order to find said blow dry bar. Navigating I-77 around 6 p.m. during a weekday is never a fun time, but I finally made it. Inside, I found Tracy, many area bloggers, the event sponsors, and several women seated in chairs getting their "blow outs," which are basically wash-and-blow-dry hairstyles without any cutting. I knew that. My own salon does them, I just don't normally partake in them myself because I'm lazy.

Meeting Tracy was a delight, because in person she's just as funny as her book would lead me to believe. Oh, and I got to sample some yummy cupcakes from Cupcrazed Cakery that were almost too pretty to eat (ALMOST), sip on a margarita and steal a slice of pizza from Mellow Mushroom. This all the night before I was supposed to squeeze into a dress for The Queen City's Mom Prom. I barely got the dress zipped, BARELY!

Anyway, about the book. It gave me many laughs, because while I've never had a great job in television in NYC like Tracy, I did quit a job in public relations to move to the suburbs after having my first child and managed to lose much much of my mojo, which is what Tracy covers in Lost in Suburbia. While I highly doubt Tracy ever looked as frumpy as she described in her book, I know I sure as hell did. Mom jeans, velour jogging suits, stained yoga pants and unwashed hair--yep, I sported that look for many years. Tracy does a good job detailing her journey and though she is a Jersey girl herself now, her exaggerated imitation of her fellow New Jersey housewives is spot on. One of my favorite chapters in her book detailed a trip to a "spa" that she took with some of her girlfriends, complete with bed bugs, food poisoning, and mud treatments that left Tracy with a greenish hue for days afterward. I'm sure we can all relate to road trips that don't turn out exactly as planned, even when the kids aren't with us!

If you're stocking up your tote bag with fun summer reads, add Lost in Suburbia to your list. As Tracy would say, "Oh my Gawd, you won't regret it!"

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