Monday, October 29, 2007

Thanks for Stopping By!

Recently, I've had an epiphany. I *heart* blogging. I know it's a medium that's been around for awhile, but I never thought I was technically savvy enough to participate.

I guess I was wrong. A few months ago I worked out a deal to blog for, and last week I was hired to blog about Tori Amos at 451 Press. Learning the software has been surprisingly easy. Fun times!

With this blog, I decided to focus on my writing business, Finished Pages. My husband Daniel and I built up my website last fall and my business took off! But I kind of slacked on updating my website (because I don't get paid for it) and focused on my paying clients. I thought if I had a blog linked with Finished Pages, I would be sure to update friends, family and colleagues on my latest projects.

Here's what I'm working on currently:

  • I write the "On the Menu" column for the Lake Norman Neighbors section of The Charlotte Observer. Yum!
  • While the regular columnist is on maternity leave, I'm also writing the "Bumper to Bumper" traffic column every other week for LKN Neighbors.
  • Regular parenting and pregnancy articles for iParenting Media
  • Occasional articles for Charlotte Parent
  • Public relations consulting for a local communications agency

Occasionally I'll be posting a call for sources. Want to be featured in an online or print article? You can just e-mail me if you see a topic you have an opinion on. Gotta run now, I've got to prepare for a phone interview in thirty minutes. Please check back often!

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